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Design & Supply Assistance from Fourier Group

Design & Supply Assistance

Fourier strives to aid our clients in incorporating non-combustion, renewable energy solutions into their projects. Our goal is to combine design services and project management, ensuring your project is done correctly from the design phase to occupancy. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Air-Source Geothermal Solutions: Panasonic heat pumps and VRF systems
  • Tankless domestic hot water solutions
  • Electrical: PoE (Power over Ethernet) - includes low-energy lighting, communication, internet, infrastructure, security (point of contact on entryways)
  • Energy Monitoring - We will monitor the energy consumption after completion, to ensure everything is working properly

Energy Modelling (SB-10) from Fourier Group

Energy Modelling (SB-10)

We provide professionally engineered energy modelling services which deliver optimal solutions in building design to assist in minimizing energy usage. Various energy efficient design options can be assessed using parametric runs to determine their impact on total building energy consumption. Energy Modelling provides the following:

  • Optimize building orientation, envelope and fenestration
  • Determine the best value for mechanical equipment (HVAC, DHW and Electrical)
  • Provide Ontario Building Code SB-10 compliance for building permit

Project Management from Fourier Group

Project Management

We provide full project management for the systems we have designed: from concept through to commissioning, as well as ongoing energy monitoring after completion. Our process:

  1. Site Assessment - Determine what solutions will work best based on site parameters
  2. Design HVAC Upgrades - Use a team approach to find the most reliable and cost effective solution
  3. Tender the project - Ensure proper specifications for the project, with no scope gaps
  4. Project Manage Installation - We will be on site to run site meetings and oversee the installation
  5. Incentives - Submit the required documents for eligible incentives
  6. Energy Monitoring - Provide monitoring services to track energy savings and ensure the project is functioning properly

Retrofit - Case Study from Fourier Group

Retrofit - Case Study

To begin, we will analyze your current building and utility consumption. This will give us a baseline to compare with new energy efficient systems.

We will then design optimal energy efficient solutions for your building. From here, we will analyze financial components including: capital cost, energy savings, payback period,

Additionally we provide: project management, system commissioning, financing options, staff & user training, and retrofit incentive application assistance.


Lester Street, Waterloo from Fourier Group

Lester Street, Waterloo

Type: Student Housing - New Construction

Size: 50 One-Bedroom Suites

Description: We began with an SB-10 Energy Model to predict energy consumption of the total building. Then we designed, supplied and project managed the installation of the Panasonic Air-Source Heat Pumps in each individual suite. The systems have now been functioning efficiently for over a year.

Rockwater on Janefield, Guelph from Fourier Group

Rockwater on Janefield, Guelph

Type: Apartment Building - New Construction

Size: 165 Suites: 162,000 sqft

Description: We are providing our client with energy consulting, design and project management for their innovative new multi-unit residential building. It will use an air-source geothermal; variable refrigerant flow system for heating and cooling, as well as implementing PoE (Power over Ethernet) low-energy systems within each unit. It will give each tenant complete control over their lighting, HVAC, communication and door locks.

St. Andrews Street, Cambridge from Fourier Group

St. Andrews Street, Cambridge

Type: Seniors Apartment - Retrofit

Size: 50 Suites: 36 One-Bedroom, 14 Two-Bedroom

Description: Last year, all suites were upgraded to air-source heat pumps from electric baseboard heating and window shakers for cooling. We provided complete project management services including design, installation and commissioning We are also providing ongoing monitoring of electricity consumption to ensure systems are functioning properly.

Tower Apartments, Windsor from Fourier Group

Tower Apartments, Windsor

Type: Apartment Building - Retrofit

Size: 94 Suites

Description: In March 2019, we have installed a pilot project using a Panasonic air-source heat pump in a one-bedroom suite. We are monitoring electricity usage and occupant comfort to provide the building owner and Panasonic with real-time electricity data and feedback on system operation.

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